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We believe in fair prices for everyone and will never overcharge or set a high price "just because". Our prices are symbolic compared to the amount of time and effort we put into our courses, fact-checking, editing, software & server & video hosting prices, and a lot more behind-the-scenes


Transparency in Serverlands means everything. We provide solid evidence for what we teach and provide additional methods to what we just added as a side-note, as well as why the decision we made is the one we made in a given course

Community & Staff

All our courses come with built-in community & staff integration where you can ask the instructor or the community questions in case you have any. This significantly increases the likelihood to your complete understanding and success much quicker!

Premium Quality

You will always enjoy the highest quality of videos, answers, and instructors - who know what they're doing and were doing this for a significant amount of time


Serverlands is the only place to offer such in-depth explanation and support while focusing on learning how to do things BY yourself and FOR yourself

For Life

Serverlands-bought courses are here to stay. You can watch them whenever you wish for as long as you wish. Serverlands will not take any course down - the contrary, we will work hard on expand existing courses and add additional courses over time

About Serverlands

Serverlands is a WoW emulation tutorials & courses site that specializes in helping newcomers setup their own server from start to finish without skipping any step. We provide recommendations & assistance as well as our heart and soul into this concept

Miss Nothing!

With our courses, you miss nothing! We elaborate on everything we teach which makes our courses insanely in-depth

Take Note!

We added the ability to take notes during the course via a built-in interface, as well as the ability to contact the courses' teacher & participants at all times!

Dev? Get Paid!

We always expand our arsenal of lessons & new courses. If you got the knowledge for what we're missing, why not give us a hand and get paid for doing so?

Play Anywhere

You can play our courses everywhere, on any device, from any city or country

How Do We Provide Our Content

We rent a virtual private server (VPS) specifically towards the video recording purpose. We want to make our courses & guides authentic by providing production environment footage for our members. Whatever we do from here is something you can do as well, assuming you work with our similar / identical work environment


Before we even log into the VPS, we design a layout. In this layout we note all the critical topics to talk about from start to finish and important notes to go along each specific point. Obviously, while recording, we may encounter unexpected issues - which we solve during the recording itself


After we have our layout, we log into the VPS, open the required programs and start recording everything according to the layout. Whenever we have an issue, we do not stop the recording (but we may edit needless "thinking time" or unsuccessful fixing attempts out)


After we have our raw footage, we edit it so we can cut the total time it takes. We do our best not to make each lesson (edited clip out of the raw footage) too long, but that doesn't always work out


After we have an edited clip, we upload it to Vimeo or YouTube and create the appropriate course and lesson accordingly. Along with the course and lessons, we prepare a list of materials we used so you can freely download and access, as well as a quick FAQ (which comes later) for questions we receive from the course we uploaded


In case we notice we missed something important or have something extra to add, we will append a short video of us elaborating on that topic as an extra to the existing lesson. This can be in the form of a new lesson (which means we were too late capturing it before publishing it), or in the form of an already edited clip (which we managed to capture on time)

How do we define quality?

We define quality by having a series of small tests and adjustments until we reach a certain result we are happy with. Creating a course is new to us (which is why your feedback would be very much appreciated), but it does not mean we’ll compromise our top-quality ethic.

  • After we are done recording, we watch the entire recording and make sure everything was understandable and on-point. If we missed anything, we will append a short correction video afterwar
  • Once we have semi-final footage, we will watch it AGAIN from start to finish to make sure there is no “dead time”. We don’t want to imagine us wasting your time at any point!
  • After we have that version of the footage, we will upload it to YouTube and send our friends to see if they can clearly understand what is being said here. We send it to veterans and newcomers alike for reviews, which we then correct accordingly. If through a correction video or a written thread (FAQ)
  • After we have it all intact, we will try to replicate it all ourselves and see how’s it going for us – by following our own guide

As you can see, we put a lot of effort into our courses and want to make sure you realize that when you enroll in our courses.

Our Courses

A bit of information about our courses & what they are for

Serverlands' Features

Our courses are built with a lot of passion & dedication behind them. We will always do our absolute best to provide you with detailed descriptions and course of actions, as well as reasoning why we chose this recommendation instead of something else


We're a small but efficient team of dedicated developers who know how to minimize costs & maximize performance

Downloadable Content

We provide you with downloadable content at the beginning so you can see what is the end-result going to look like after you implement it. The course is all about HOW we did it and why we did it this way

Live Support

Serverlands features a live support where you can communicate with fellow course participants of chat with the course' instructor directly


Our courses feature 4K resolution automatically, in a production environment and recommendation for good hosting platforms which we vouch for ourselves for sustainability & stability

Why Serverlands?

There are plenty of developers out there. If they could learn without Serverlands, why should you enroll with Serverlands?

Serverlands’ instructors are extremely experienced and incredibly professional. They put a lot of their free time into helping others set things up and solving issues

Serverlands is a WoW emulation-dedicated website. A lot of information can be found in our courses from start to finish. No other place recommends you where to host, advertise, get & maintain players, specific tips for your own server & teach you how to create things by yourself – for yourself

Serverlands is very innovative. We teach people how to maximize & optimize usage of an arsenal of open-source tools and self-taught methods for maximum efficiency and utility

Serverlands’ payment methods are safe, secure, and encrypted with the latest technologies for anti-privacy violations, preventing data leaks, and handles scenarios automatically.

If you are a developer and wish to assist us or host your own course (and get paid for doing so), feel free to let us know by contacting us!

When can I get started?

You can get started right away! Simply browse which course you wish to partake and get right into it!

Serverlands provides us with the requirements?

Serverlands does provide affiliates we’re using and recommendations, but the requirements are entirely up to you. We ourselves use a VPS for the sole purpose of recording videos in a production environment, but it can be replicated most Windows environments as well

You make courses for Windows only?

As for right now, everything server-related is on a Windows Server environment, but everything website-related is through Linux

Discounts & sales?

Serverlands has the ability to host a giveaway or a raffle, as well as update a time-limited sale or discount at any point in time

Our Skills

We are a small team of experienced developers and we've been through a lot to get all that knowledge we now share. This is a quick summary of what we believe to be an estimate of what is our current standing

Database 90%
Bug fixing 85%
Core 75%
Custom systems development 95%
DBC 80%
Custom maps 85%


We provide you with everything you will ever need. Have a look at what you get access to when enrolling with one of Serverlands' courses


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