How to Create a TrinityCore Server

About Course

In this course, we will learn how to download, install requirements (programs & proper installation), generate solutions, compile, populate our database, port forward (make a server public), disable Windows Error Reporting, implement an auto-restarter, and a lot more!

What Will You Learn?

  • How to install Visual Studio, Boost, OpenSSL, CMake & MySQL
  • How to populate a MySQL database
  • How to make an auto-restarter for TrinityCore
  • How to disable Error Reporting on Windows
  • How to compile your own sourcecode
  • How to add your own realm in your own server
  • How to make your realm public
  • How to log into your realm
  • How to set yourself as an administrator & run GM commands

Course Content

TrinityCore Installation

  • Requirements List
  • Requirements Installation, Core & Database Setup
  • Database Population, Essentials Generation & Config
  • Realmlist, Portforwarding & Essentials Transfer
  • Server Booting & First Login

GM Commands

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