TrinityCore – How to Add a Passive Anticheat System

About Course

In this course, we will implement and test a passive anticheat system. This system has been created years ago by an old TrinityCore developer “Manuel”, and has been semi-maintained by another TrinityCore developer.

In this course, we will implement it and will adjust it as we see fit.

By doing so, we will learn HOW to edit the anticheat, how to properly install it, how to make it actually passive (getting rid of needless commands) and a few cool tricks during the process.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to use GitHub's compare functionality
  • How to download a .diff patch from GitHub
  • How to apply a .diff patch onto your own core
  • How to clone worldserver.conf without re-editing everything from scratch
  • How to implement the passive anticheat system
  • How to work with the anticheat system in terms of detection
  • How to edit the anticheat
  • How to test the anticheat system after modifying it

Course Content

Passive Anticheat

  • Part 1: core implementation
  • Part 2: database & configs setup
  • Part 3: testing stock & system explanation
  • Part 4: notifications restructure
  • 02:10
  • Part 6: second round of notification modifications
  • Part 7: another wave of in-game tests
  • Part 8: final editing round
  • Part 9: final test & congratulations
  • Part 10: spam logs removal

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