How to Add Custom Items

Has it ever happened to you?
Have you ever managed to finally add this one item in-game, after a lot of struggle and using incompatible programs or query versions, visiting outdated forum threads, and all that type of frustration?
After you finally successfully managed to fix the query, add it yourself based on the documentation you can barely understand as they speak Developish, C++ish, SQLish, who knows…

Once you finally accomplish this item insertion, you end up realizing you need a patch at the end of it, and you have literally NO idea where or even how to get this, so you end up with the same tedious search process in that foreign language.

Today, this all is going to end
With the combined efforts of multiple people, the knowledge of years of experience, and the right attitude, we’re able to unleash the only full-on step-by-step tutorial (in a video format) where we display what EXACTLY is needed, WHEN is it needed, WHY it is needed and HOW to make it all work together.
We use a single item in this demonstration but the idea is identical for multiple items (as in, bulk).