Buff Command & Creature


The “buff command & creature” script allows you to buff your players up with various buffs you find fitting. The script itself includes all the needed information if you wish to add, remove or adjust the given buffs.
The script includes an NPC and a buff command, both act identically. A creature can be spawned at any location and a command for everywhere usage. Obviously, if you wish to have different buffs for every scenario – you may contact us for an adjustment & detailed instructions on how to do so.



The following script is made for TrinityCore but can also be used with AzerothCore.

The script has been updated & tested with the latest TrinityCore version in a production environment of a virtual private server made for a public-private server.

If you need assistance with how to implement a custom script such as this one correctly, I recommend watching our course here:

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us via the “Contact Us” tab above.