In Serverlands, we believe everyone has their own unique ideas for their own server. The limitation? The knowledge to make your ideas come to life.
Well, say no more!

Welcome to Serverlands – the best WoW emulation courses website on the world wide web!
Serverlands is a place where you can learn a lot about WoW emulation. From how to set things up, how to make your server public, where should you host your server for reliability, where should you advertise for maximum results, and so forth.
Of course, we’ve not even started talking about how to make your server exceptional with added features & special highlights you will be able to create yourself! Starting with custom items, quests, loot, vendors, gossip scrips, and which tools to use for what purpose.

Our courses are extremely elaborate, they are very thorough and go in-depth regarding any topic that is being mentioned there. No one else does this at this depth level and no one ever provided long-term support for every self-made course like we provide here in Serverlands.

Our goal is to teach you how to create things for yourself, by yourself, and we are committed to it all the way. For this reason, we also include a special support section for each course student with lifetime access!

Just a few headlines of our recent work:
– Custom loading screen
– Custom login screen
– Diablo III wings
– Automated events
– A new custom map: Doom Islands
– Item upgrading system
– Login page custom music
– Over 4,000 custom items (bulk creation)
– Easy vendor data