Who are we?
Serverlands is a website that was built by a group of developers from the WoW emulation scene for newcomers and veterans alike who are interested in the development side of server-side opensource WoW development.
We’re a small team of dedicated developers, each having at least 5 years of experience in different niches. From custom core modification to custom highlight features creations, DBC altering, database re-structuring, retroporting (implementing visual content from other expansions), map creation & modification, and much more.

Why are we here?
We’re here because during our long journey of exploring the WoW emulation scene, we’ve often encountered several issues that not many people could answer and those who could – wanted to charge an absurd amount of money to fix it. We ended up “stuck”, but this led to us exploring the solution ourselves, and finding it was an accomplishment. Imagine this being done over the course of half a decade and you got yourself quite a bit of experience.
We’re here because we want to help people establish a solid foundation in development and make sure we do our absolute best for the next generation of developers who can make this scene a much better place if we collaborate and provide the information that’s needed to advance with minimal time loss.

An in-game shop for virtual currencies through the database

How are we different?
For starters, there’s no other place that teaches like we do in our courses and not in that variety from so many fields. We do not post only articles or info threads, we provide actual videos of us doing everything we teach from scratch and provide long-term support for all of our members in case they got any questions regarding anything course-related.

We believe in quality content and will never upload something we believe isn’t good enough in its quality. We provide detailed courses with several reviews before we publish them to ensure they’re being used as a reliable source of information at all times.
If something’s being updated – we will post all about it through an updated lesson.

Why do we charge money for some courses?
We put a lot of time & effort into these courses and an even greater amount of effort into finding possible complications and their solution, as well as long-term support for any incoming questions from our members. Let alone the costs of hosting a website of this sort and the personnel required to maintain it.
While we do provide some courses for free, these are the basic ones and we will always provide basic information for free, but the things that make your server a bit more unique are exclusive info you cannot find anywhere and were collectively created & maintained by us, hence the symbolic fee.

Diablo III wings in our own WoW private server (one out of many)

Our fields of work
We’re working very often with the following:
– Database (items, quests, creatures, smartAI, gossip)
– Custom features (core modification / additions)
– DBC modifications (custom items support, login screen, custom logo implementation, retroporting, custom maps support, custom display support)
– Patch obfuscation
– Public CMS handling (FusionCMS / FusionGEN, BlizzCMS)
– Noggit (for custom map creation)
– Custom made tools for workflow enhancement
– Support & assistance